Dish On Stars and True or False together!

True or False?

Is Jason Earles really 30 and married?

True or false?

Is Jordin Sparks dating Chris Brown?

True or false?

Answers! 1.)tRUE!-Jason E. was born  26-Apr-1977!! Wow!He's also married to Jen Humphrey.Aww!

2.)False-Chris Brown is dating Rihanna.Duh!

True or false?

Is Miley in a fued with the Jonas Brothers?

True or false?

Did Mary Poppins say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS wrong backward in the movie,Mary Poppins?


3.)True-Jo bros think that Miley is taking over.Hmmm...I don't blame them!They wanted to feature in her movie and in her show but she felt like she had to treat them like junk behind the camera!Miley,share the feast!

4.)True-On the news,they finally figured out what she said backwards and she said it wrong.Boo!Boo!=(


Hot OR Not?

Hot-Babydoll shirts

Not-Dresses with tennis shoes

Hot-Mix and match jewelry

Not-Baggy shirts


Not-Blue eyeshadow

Hot-Skin-tone makeup

Not-Bright lipstick

Hot-Simple accesories

Not-Tight capris

Hot or not?YOU choose!