Our teacher interviewed us just for you!


Q:What is GirlTalk?

A:GirlTalk is a little local girl magazine that is filled with quizzes,pictures,gossip,advice,and more!

Q:How did Girl Talk happen?

A:GirlTalk was organized with Cameron Hill and the girls thought was a great idea!

Q:Was it hard to make?

A: *Cameron answers* A little.I mean I had friends to help me with it.

Q:How did you guys feel when you made the first magazine?

A:*Everyone*So happy!*Raquel answers*I was SO relieved to have it done!*Soliyana answers*When we first publised it we saved one magazine to put in the library.*I answer*It all turned out fun.

Q:Who made the advice page and why?

A:*I answer*I made the advice page because I knew that alot of girls and sometimes guys need advice so that's why I made it.

Q:Tammy,could you be anymore happy for the pics?

A:Yeah.It was hard to find the cutest pictures.
Well,thanks guys for your time and we'll talk soon!